The Top 5 Must-Have Eyeshadow Shades for Every Makeup Collection

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3 min readAug 3, 2023


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Welcome to the world of endless creativity and beauty! As makeup enthusiasts, we know that building the perfect makeup collection is an art form. Among the various products that adorn our collection, eyeshadows hold a special place. They have the power to transform our eyes into captivating masterpieces, making them a fundamental part of any makeup lover’s arsenal.

If you’re looking to curate the ultimate makeup collection, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we will delve into the top five must-have eyeshadow shades that will elevate your makeup game to new heights. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or just love experimenting with different looks, these shades are essential for achieving countless eye-catching looks. And what better way to get your hands on these gems than through Qubyk Marketplace, where a world of top-quality makeup products awaits you!

1. Neutral Nude: A Canvas for Creativity

Let’s start with the basics — the neutral nude eyeshadow. This shade is the cornerstone of any makeup collection as it serves as a versatile base for endless looks. With neutral nude eyeshadow, you can create subtle, everyday looks or build a foundation for bold, smoky eyes. It helps to even out your eyelids, allowing other shades to blend effortlessly on top. Perfect for any occasion, the neutral nude eyeshadow is your go-to choice when you’re unsure about which look to create.

Recommended Product: “Canvas Chic” by GlamEssentials

2. Timeless Matte Brown: The All-Rounder

No makeup collection is complete without a timeless matte brown eyeshadow. This shade is a staple for creating depth and dimension in your eye looks. Whether you’re aiming for a soft, natural look or a dramatic and intense gaze, matte brown eyeshadow is your best friend. Use it to define your crease, blend out other colors, or even as a soft eyeliner. Its versatility makes it a must-have for every makeup enthusiast.

Recommended Product: “Earth Enigma” by LuxeMelt

3. Shimmering Champagne: Elegance Personified

When you want to add a touch of sophistication to your eye makeup, reach for a shimmering champagne eyeshadow. This shade imparts a beautiful luminosity to your lids, making your eyes appear larger and brighter. Perfect for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and the brow bone, the shimmering champagne eyeshadow is essential for creating a captivating, wide-awake look.

Recommended Product: “Champagne Dream” by SparkleGlow

4. Sultry Smokey Gray: A Dash of Drama

For those captivating and seductive evening looks, the smokey gray eyeshadow is a must-have. This shade adds drama and intensity to your eyes, creating a sultry and mysterious vibe. Whether you opt for a classic smokey eye or a modern twist, the smokey gray eyeshadow is a powerful tool to take your makeup from day to night seamlessly.

Recommended Product: “Smokey Steel” by ShadeScape

5. Playful Pop of Color: Dare to Stand Out

Lastly, we can’t forget to add a splash of color to our makeup collection! Whether it’s a vibrant blue, a bold purple, or a striking green, having a playful pop of color eyeshadow allows you to express your creativity and personality. Use it as an accent shade on the lower lash line, a colorful winged liner, or create an eye-catching monochromatic look — the possibilities are endless!

Recommended Product: “Pop Artistry Palette” by ChromaBurst

As you embark on your makeup journey, make sure to include these top five must-have eyeshadow shades in your collection. From the versatile neutral nude to the bold pop of color, each shade brings its unique flair and charm, allowing you to create limitless eye looks.

You can find all these incredible eyeshadow shades and more at Qubyk Marketplace. Explore their vast selection of high-quality makeup products, and let your creativity shine! Remember, makeup is an art, and with the right tools at your disposal, your masterpiece awaits.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner makeup artist and build a collection that speaks volumes about your style and passion. Happy makeup shopping on Qubyk Marketplace!



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